Hi there! I'm Sarah

My holistic approach helps transform unhelpful patterns into supportive ones, addressing the root causes of your struggles.



Show Up & Heal Old Unhelpful Patterns


Let go of past traumas, poor coping mechanisms, or crippling anxiety.

By asking the right questions, listening attentively, and holding a safe space for you to be authentically yourself, you will make meaningful and long lasting changes that will transform your life.

Through coaching, hypnotherapy, and nutrition, I will guide you to feel secure within yourself, release emotional burdens, end self-sabotage, and cultivate abundance and peace in your life.

My holistic approach helps you understand, correct, and build new foundations.

No more abandoning yourself—you’ll learn to stay and show up for your life.

A reservoir of resources


I want to share all of these resources with you.

Learning to stay with yourself, to choose yourself, 

Moving from conditional love to unconditional love,

Transforming an insecure attachment style to a secure one,

Healing inner child wounds,

Aligning with your heart and soul,

Cultivating stillness within yourself, unshaken by the world around you.

Using a holistic approach with coaching, hypnotherapy and nutrition, I share ways to live a happier, more peaceful life, everyday. 

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My Qualifications 

Over the years, I have personally faced and overcome depression, anxiety, eating disorders, codependency, low self-worth, physical ailments and more.

My journey, along with my certifications and extensive research, have allowed me to transform my life and heal from within.


Today, I call both Paris & Dubai my homes. 

My services are provided mostly virtually, as I have clients all over the world.

In person sessions are also offered occasionally in either Paris or Dubai.

I am interested!
Emma K.

I can safely say Sarah’s method is like no other her holistic coaching includes all aspects of life and will help you understand a lot about yourself. She is the kindest human, shows empathy and tailors the sessions to your specific needs.


A free discovery session of 30 minutes awaits you. I look forward to meeting you.

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